The Sales Business

About The Sales Business

SalesBizSkills is dedicated to bringing sales skills training to individuals and businesses. Online videos, supported by information and exercises on the e-learning site (access using the 'practice' button) will give you the skills you need to excel in the business of sales. We break the selling process down into manageable steps, showing you how to manage each stage and avoid the common pitfalls. Most importantly you will learn how to build the positive attitude that is vital to your success.

The videos on this site have been produced by highly experienced and successful sales people and trainers who know how to work with people in the most effective ways. Whether you are new to sales or are an experienced sales person looking for a boost, you will find this website a valuable resource.

The Sales Business online learning program has been developed from classroom-based training courses run by our trainers since 1992. We wanted to find a way to share these learning opportunities with a wider audience and so produced a portfolio of videos, exercises and resources that will enable and support everybody that wants to advance their sales career.

For those new to sales we recommend that you watch the videos in the order they are presented on the home page.

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